Set in a watering hole on the shores of Lake Superior this live radio play and podcast follows Blake Thomas and a colorful group of his multi-talented pals, patrons & employees as they stumble through each new 60-minute adventure, filled with original music, laughs, sound effects, conversation & beer swilling! Advice from local leaders, authors, experts, and business owners, plus performances from regional guest artists, round out every show captured in front of a live audience at The Underground Theatre in Duluth, Minnesota.

Our Story

Take It With You is the story of a group of friends doing something wild & wonderful, and a community that digs it.

In the summer of 2013, husband and wife team Blake Thomas and Mary Fox were living in Minneapolis when they made a decision: drop everything, move up to Duluth, and create a live radio show and podcast from scratch with no funding, limited connections, and next to no resources. By all accounts, a foolproof plan, right? Not long after, despite some head scratching and eye blinking from friends and family, they found themselves living up nor’shore-way accompanied by (friend and TIWY mainstay) Andy Frye, and they set about making TIWY come to life, building brick by brick.

—Finding a Home—

We’ll leave the details for the memoir, but TIWY simply would not be what it is today without an offbeat idea from a friend and the extraordinary support of The Duluth Playhouse.

In the spring of 2013, Blake, Mary, and Andy were all starring in a musical they had written together called Stay Tuned at Yellow Tree Theatre in Osseo, MN. It centered around a fictional old-time radio show called “The Emerald Coffee Radio Hour.” Tom Isbell (professor, writer, actor and Duluthian) came down to see it and planted a seed: What if you did an actual radio show? What if you did it in Duluth? What if you did it at The Underground (The Playhouse’s brand new 2nd stage)? What if I set up a meeting?

Couldn’t hurt.

We drove up one morning for a day meeting with Christine Seitz and Crystal Pelkey of The Playhouse to pitch our idea and, as we’ve experience in Duluth over and over since then, they opened their doors and said “let’s give it a shot”… Maybe it was the hospitality and maybe it was the intoxicating mojo of Lake Superior, but before we had reached Hinkley on our drive back down to the cities we had all but made up our minds.

Since our debut show on April 15th, 2014, The Underground has been our home and we can’t thank them enough. But it doesn’t stop there. Radio theatre relies on creativity. Not just of the creativity of the performers but also the creativity of the audience. It’s called “the theatre of the mind” for a reason. We’re counting on you to create the world right along with us. And we hit the jackpot in Duluth. The support, love, creativity and selflessness of this community is a beautiful beautiful thing and we’re proud to be a part of it.

—Our Mission—

Take It With You is dedicated to creating unique, original, radio-theatre, fueled by passion, humor, wild creativity, and the quest for artistic excellence. In our live performances we engage our local audience, strengthening their connection to, and understanding of, the arts through a fusion of music, theatre, and storytelling. In our podcasts we bring the mission of our company and the spirit of our community of Duluth, MN, to the world. Finally, we believe that our artistic vision can only be achieved by working with the highest quality of artists, and that it’s our responsibility to be always striving to compensate TIWY performers fairly; not only as a core company value, but as an example in our community.


Meet the TIWY Organization

Take It With You is a Minnesota nonprofit corporation and we’re currently applying for our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. Our board of directors consists of:

  • Blake Thomas (Executive & Artistic Director)
  • Mary Fox (Vice Executive Director & Treasurer)
  • Sarah Lueck (Secretary & Director)
  • Lucie Amundsen (Director)
  • Jonathan Otis (Director)
  • Dan Stocke (Director)
  • Justin Steinbach (Director)

–Season 4 Cast & Crew–

Performers: Gracie Anderson, Mary Fox, Andy Frye, Katy Helbacka, Ryan Nelson, Nicholas Pascuzzi, Matt Riehle, Zach Stofer, Blake Thomas.

Sound engineer: Nick Gosen

Stage manager: Mackenzie McCullum