Season 5

Welcome to Season 5! Eight brand new shows with brand new music.

Don’t miss your chance to see TIWY live at The NorShor Theatre! That’s right, we’ve moved to the beautiful, newly renovated, NorShor Theatre in downtown Duluth. Get your tickets now at you on October 23rd.

  • April 24th

A Super General Hospital: The One Where Andy Dies.


  • May 15th

Knights and Castles and S#!t: A Period Piece.


  • June 19th

Girl Road Trip: A Feel-Good-Life-Changing-Story for Girls AND Boys.


  • July 17th

Boxing: The American Dream and Whatnot, Set In Boston and Whichway, Loosely Based on the Acting of Mark Wahlberg.


  • August 21st

The Ballad of Mitchell P. Crumpleton.


  • September 18th

The Western II: A Continuation of Part One; Family Feuding and the Consequences.


  • October 23rd (NOTE: This is a date change from our original season announcement due to our awesome venue change! We apologize for any inconvenience). 

I Know What You Did Last Weekend: When Unsupervised Teens Deal with Serial Killing and Sexual Frustration.


  • November 20th

Emergency Broadcast – The Musical: Kind of Like “War of the Worlds” but Musicallier; In Stereo.