Season 5

Welcome to Season 5! Eight brand new shows with brand new music.

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  • April 24th

A Super General Hospital: The One Where Andy Dies.


  • May 15th

Knights and Castles and S#!t: A Period Piece.


  • June 19th

Girl Road Trip: A Feel-Good-Life-Changing-Story for Girls AND Boys.


  • July 17th

Boxing: The American Dream and Whatnot, Set In Boston and Whichway, Loosely Based on the Acting of Mark Wahlberg.


  • August 21st

The Ballad of Mitchell P. Crumpleton.


  • September 18th

The Western II: A Continuation of Part One; Family Feuding and the Consequences.


  • October 16th

I Know What You Did Last Weekend: When Unsupervised Teens Deal with Serial Killing and Sexual Frustration.


  • November 20th

Emergency Broadcast – The Musical: Kind of Like “War of the Worlds” but Musicallier; In Stereo.