• This year we expect to perform 8 sold out live shows to approximately 1,104 people in total, and our audience is fantastic. They’re engaged, they’re all about this city, and they support local businesses, craftspeople and artists. TIWY has tapped into an audience who is committed to see Duluth change and grow.
  • TIWY has over 45,000 total podcast downloads with each episode averaging over 1,000 downloads. We’re getting new listeners every day and your ads will be heard by a largely local, Minnesota-proud audience. We are also finding fans in far-flung places like Japan and Germany.
  • This marks our 7th Season and we’ve been growing every year. In addition to our Duluth shows we’ve been touring, taking our show to the Twin Cities and elsewhere in MN, allowing us to continue to grow our audience in a grassroots way as well as online.

Thank you for your consideration in supporting Take It With You & the arts in Duluth!

Blake Thomas (Executive and Artistic Director)