Opera Night – The Video

November 16, 2020

Remember this? We sure do…

Produced and edited by Wherehouse Productions – additional angles by Daniel Oyinloye and Matt Roy

A New Season In The Age Of Covid? THAT’S WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT!

Last season we were testing what it would look like to film our shows. You may remember a bunch of dudes carrying cameras taking up valuable real estate. This is the fruit of those labors and it is fantabulous! (if we do say so ourselves). Our intent was to live-stream all of the next season (Season 7). Well, that didn’t happen.

Thanks 2020!

After a bit of regrouping and soul searching we are ready to plow forward with our plans, but… differently. Obviously it would be reckless to pack a theater with people right now, so we are not going to do that. We know that we can produce a video that looks lovely (see video above). And we know we have fans that are clamoring for a good, old-fashioned TIWY love fest.

So we’re going to shoot some video….

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